Personalized service for personal computer users at your home, home office or small business.


Hi, Iím Rick Strobel and I am Rickís Computer Services.

When you call my company for help with your computer you get me. Not some kid with baggie pants and an attitude. Not an endless maze of ďpress 1 for this and 2 for thatĒ.  Not some guy named "Bob" at a call center in India who learned English last week.

When you call me you get:

  • A computer professional with 18 years of hands on experience

  • A business person with a college degree and a variety of real-world experience helping other business people

  • An entrepreneur who has been there Ė run my own businesses in the past as well as growing up in a family of business owners

  • A guy with a visionary fascination with all the fun and entertaining things you can do with a personal computer.

Iíll come to your home or place of business and help you:

  • Set up a home network so you can share your Internet connection, print to the nice printer in the family room or effortlessly backup your important files from one computer to the other

  • Get rid of all those damn pop-ups! (and other nasties that are so easy to catch on the Internet these days)

  • Bring dead or dying computers back to life

  • Tune up your system so itís as fast as they day you brought it home

  • Show you how to put pictures on your computer so you can email them to friends and family

  • Or, nearly anything you can imagine. Call me and tell me what youíd like your computer to do for you. If it doesnít involve time travel I may be able to help Ė I love a challenge.

The best part is that youíll be surprised by how reasonable my rates are. The rates have to be reasonable because Iím here to help you Ė the home computer user or the small business user. And, I can keep my rates low because my overhead is low. I donít maintain a storefront or expensive office space. I work out of my home. I come to you. Also, as stated before Ė Iím it. I donít have a bunch of employees to feed.

Plus, I donít pad my profit by selling you things you donít need. Any repair or upgrade parts I provide for you I provide at my cost. Nor do I get any kickbacks from Internet service providers or anyone else I might recommend to you. My recommendations are based on what I think will work best for you.

Pick up the phone and give me a call at 419-5555. Youíll be glad you did.